Nano bentonite (montmorillonite) for Rubber application

Nano bentonite (montmorillonite)  for Rubber application

Model No.︰NANOLIN DK ®

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Product Description

 NANOLIN DK ®nano composite material with nano montmorillonite is a powder dispersed phase of at least one size ranged from 1 nm to 100 nm composite material. In addition to spherical particle size of powder, high ratio of length to diameter ( Aspect ratio ) layered reinforcing structure is more attracted worldwide attention in polymer industry, layered materials by stripping after dispersion can fully play at the molecular level of structure and properties of. Montmorillonite ( Montmorillonite ) is a Turkish mineral montmorillonite MMT, the minerals were found in 11, they are, soapstone, Pui soil, lithium bentonite, montmorillonite, clay, bentonite, sodium bentonite, zinc, lithium bentonite, montmorillonite, chromium and copper montmorillonite MMT, but from the internal structure it can be divided into montmorillonite soil family ( two eight sides ) and soap soil family (three eight volume ). Montmorillonite is one of the typical layered silicate minerals, but with other phyllosilicate minerals of different points between the layers of voids is particularly big, so that you can in the layer and a layer containing an indefinite number of water molecules and exchangeable cation. Through diffraction slow scan test results showed that montmorillonite nanometer particle size is close to, is a natural nano material. Nano montmorillonite nature difficult to find such ore, needs to be purified to obtain. Preparation of nano montmorillonite bentonite, montmorillonite content should be >95%. Nanometer organic bentonite clay soil, requirements of bentonite montmorillonite in more than 98% purity.

NANOLIN DK ®nanometer organic bentonite in rubber application is mainly used for rubber nano modified, improved its tightness, stretching force and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance. By adding a small amount of ( such as 3% - 5% ) NANOLIN DK ®nano montmorillonite, can enable the rubber strength, elongation and other performance is greatly improved, some performance can be increased several times, can replace the present white carbon black, or even completely replaced the traditional black and other fillers, greatly reduce or eliminate pollution. NANOLIN DK ®is a revolution in the rubber industry in twenty-first Century. Polyurethane elastomer / montmorillonite nano composite material, three of EPDM / NANOLIN DK ®montmorillonite nano composite materials have been well studied. Nano composite additive not only than the traditional light weight, and is mainly improved in hardness, flame retardant, gas barrier properties with respect to.

FCC INC  take orbit traffic shock with high performance composite elastic structures materials research project, a rubber / NANOLIN DK ®montmorillonite nanometer composite technology and carbon black, white carbon black surface grafting technology research, make the mechanical properties of vulcanized natural rubber to tensile strength > 30Mpa.

Polyurethane / NANOLIN DK ®nano montmorillonite preparation sports venues pavement material well study.

NANOLIN DK ®nanometer organic bentonite can also be made into nanometer organic bentonite masterbatch ( modification and easy to disperse the commodity ) for rubber and elastomer products, can accelerate the nanocomposite thermoplastic elastomer of development. At present, 6 / NANOLIN DK ®nylon 5 montmorillonite nanocomposites, PP / NANOLIN DK® 4 nano montmorillonite composite material, PET / montmorillonite nanocomposites have been mature, nylon 6 / NANOLIN DK ®nano montmorillonite composite material, PP / NANOLIN DK ®nano montmorillonite composite material, PET / NANOLIN DK®nano montmorillonite composite material and elastomer mixture and dispersion, can get the thermoplastic elastomer composite material, continue to develop products to replace the traditional rubber blend, thermoplastic elastomer material. Polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer ( TPO ) has excellent elastomeric properties and convenient processing performance, make it as traditional vulcanization rubber competitive replacement goods. The TPO nanometer composite material with high modulus and lightweight ( loss of about 7~21% appearance parts weight ), but also because of filling mineral content is lower than 5%, so both low temperature toughness, so it is suitable for automotive applications to replace the current use of the more expensive engineering plastics, in processing for a broad range of processing temperature, so can shorten the forming time and forming pressure is low, the appearance of the few defects. There have been a variety of specifications of products are widely used in automotive, construction, household appliances, wire and cable, medical equipment and other fields. Especially for auto exterior parts, bumpers and the instrument panel, the processing such as painting, in-mold coloring of paint and coating, and durability, and are not filled with mineral properties similar to those.. Thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer ( TPO ) is made of rubber ( rubber ) and polyolefin (Polyolefin ) form, the rubber components for ethylene propylene rubber ( EPDM ) / nitrile rubber butyl rubber ( NBR ) or ( IIR ); polyolefin composition mainly polypropylene ( PP ) and polyethylene ( PE ) plastic. At present, with most of the EPDM and PP composites.

Hangzhou SINO-HOLDING chemicals Co.,Ltd.( FCC ) on the production of nanometer montmorillonite polymer masterbatch ( masterbatches ) and other products, and rubber or elastomer composite into nano clay composite thermoplastic elastomer. At present. In fact there are other kinds of thermoplastic elastomer can be developed.

The NANOLIN DK montmorillonite, montmorillonite plastic or nano montmorillonite polymer masterbatch ( masterbatches ) are there have been many successful commercial NANOLIN DK products, it can make use of these new products, combined with rubber or elastomer material characteristics, to develop the nanocomposite thermoplastic elastomer, which for the domestic rubber industry, is quickly enter into the nanometer technology application important opportunities.