FCC ®INC since 1958 is a division of Sino-Holding Chemicals Co.,Ltd.  (A member of  FCC Group ) located in ,Zhejiang,China. The company is an ISO-9001:2015 and ISO14001: 2015  registered advanced  technology enterprise.

The main buisness including:

Specialities (Additives ) :  Organoclay,organoclay rheological additive  (organic bentonite thixotropic agent ) , Rheology Modifiers ,nanoclay , Nano Calcium Carbonate ,Carbon Nanofibers ,   bleaching earth ,oil drilling fluids viscosifier  ,synthetic hectorite,synthetic hydrotalcite, polyamide wax , PE wax, Modified Nonionic celluose ethers based rheological additive / rheology modifiers and Environmental chemicals including : Ceramic Honeycomb Catalyst , Ceramic Substrates and granular adsorption media ,actiivated carbon

Organic Fertilizer including :New Broad spectrum (liquid) ,Super Potassium,root Enhancer , Blossom & fruit  and so on.

In 2017 , the new Agriculture business join FCC group.The  new  organic fertilizer becoming the part business of  FCC GROUP. With the advanced technology from USA and local China R&D centre, FCC fertilizers  will  keep growing from now on.

Lab Instruments : VISCOMETER DV  series  viscometers and related business.

The company produces 10 series of more than 60 different items specialty products,including NANOLIN DK ®  series of advanced nano additives  ; SUPBENT® series  rheology modifiers ;FRGEL® ,BESTGEL  series of organo clay rheological additive ( organophilic clay / organophilic bentonite ) ;SUPBENT® series of synthetic hectorite gellant and Synthetic hydrotalcite clay ,TISON high effective blaeching earth; pet litter ;civil engineering specialized mud products and polyamide wax based rheological additive ; and  ADDEZ® series environmental protection using specialty materials.

FCC series organic fertilizers which been used  as a new advanced green agriculture products from moden production faciliters  in China and USA . FCC organic fertilizers are using organic substance which are bio degradable.FCC organic substances are further decomposed and broken into smaller and soluble particles by numerous microorganisms.

BVISCO ®DV series viscometers are  including  9 different  of  viscometers which  can meet  different demanding from different fields.To measure the absolute viscosity a rotational viscometer is used. For non-Newtonian liquids a digital viscometer that applies a precise shear rate is needed. For laboratory viscosity measurement FCC offers a comprehensive line of rotational viscometers. The viscometer product line can measure viscosity from a near water-like viscosity to a very high viscosity range for epoxy, sealants, and paste. To measure viscosity under a high shear rate Cone and Plate viscometers are available. The easy to use digital Stormer viscometer is also part of the rotational viscometer family.





FCC GROUP  owns 800 million Dollar of fixed assets, a land of 150 thousands square meters and a construction area of 17 thousand square meters and 3 factories : Zhejiang  Bentonite Refining Factory; Sino-Star Advanced materials Co.,Ltd., CG Agriculture Corp.,Cambridge Instruments and Technology Co.,Ltd. A research center: Application research Institute , and a bentonite mine with a reserves of four millions tons. The company has experienced technical staffs including 20 engineers & chemists. We warmly welcome business friends at home and abroad to establish trade relationship with us on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.