Since its establishment, Hangzhou Sino-holding Chemicals Co., Ltd. (FCC) has always maintained our company strategy: we constantly develop new products, and constantly strengthen the development of our R&D strength and product line infrastructure. Today, we are recognized leaders in many areas. We can't stand still! I hope this success will continue. It's imperative to focus on tomorrow and actively keep ahead of our competitors.            Our company will continue to develop continuously in the field of rheological modification additives through innovation and transformation. At the same time, our company will surpass clay-based products, through our strategic cooperation, we will continue to provide high-quality services for the paint, oil field, paper, personal care products and plastic market. Finally, through continuous efforts to transform ourselves to maintain strong competitiveness, we will make great strides in the development of nano-composite organic clay technology, and finally surpass our traditional market. With this strategy as the company's focus, our company will remain in the forefront of the fine chemical industry. This will not only lead our enterprise team to achieve greater success, but also provide a choice for the market of additives.            We always adhere to the corporate culture of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith, and pay attention to the organic combination of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith with the current stable growth of the market, through our down-to-earth efforts to make Chinese traditional culture acceptable to the world, but also to ensure the company's profit growth.