In 2019 been certified as the :Good Quality and good Faith Company of Zhejiang Province ,P.R. China 

Feb,2018, under SUPBENT brand, SUPBENT CH,SUPBENT LV  been commercially using  in water  based industrial formulation.

Dec,2017, the Group company annually capacity reach  35000MT.

​Jan,2017,The Organic fertilizers business joined.

Jan.,2016,Join the FCC Group   .
Aug,2015, the clean producing tecnology been used in the main production line .
Jun.,2014 , the new plant  complete the production line  upgrade,the total capacity comes up to 25000MT annually.

Jan.,2012  The advanced  Environmental technologies Business Unit  start commercial selling  Environmental treatment chemicals  under name ADDEZ®
Dec.,2011 The Nanoclay  under  name   NANOLIN DK ®   continually selling  10,000 MT.
DEC. ,2010  The FCC ® VISCOMETERDV  series of  viscometer and Instruments become a part of  business  of  Sino-Holding.

In Jan 2010 , Geosynthetic Clay Liner expended  production lines  for keep developing demanding from market.

In May 2009, emulsion paints using  special multi-function additives  started commercial production.

In Dec.2008,  Zinc stearate products started  exporting . 

In Jan 2007 , New grades of FRGEL series  products start commercial production  .

In Dec.,2006,  Geosynthetic Clay Liners approved by one Europe engineering project .

In Jan 2006 , the new facility of  producing  polyamide wax rheological additive started.

In Jan 2005 The company settled the Nanoclay / nano composites' project with three main polymer manufacturer in the world.

Till Dec.,2004, the company's total organoclay sales comes up to 5000Mt, and nanoclay production comes to 1000MT.

In Jan. 2004 ,the company started a new production line of organoclay advanced products .

In Dec. 2003 the Company started expending  bentonite business ,the  products including application for paper industry,environment protection fields,civil engineering including sealant componds for under ground enginering

In Feb.2003 the company started a new business of Nanosize synthetic hydrotalcite layered clay .

In 2002, A  cooperation  with local University  for promotion nano  composition  started.

In 2000 , nanoclay been approved by China government  for commercial application .

In 1998, conventional organoclay awarded as  most  stable products in the  field.

In 1996 , conventional organoclay expended to 2500MT .

In 1995 , Easier dispersing  mineral based clay thixotropic agent  started commercial production.

In 1994 , Old facility completed updating .

In  1993, Conventional organoclay been approved by three main  paint & inks companies in Asia area.

In 1992 ,Mixed Clay based thixotropic agent SP series started producing for using in special resin and non-solvent system.

In 1991, Cat litter exported  to Europe

In 1990, Bleaching earth been used in 10 main oil  companies in China.

In 1989, Old  facility for producing  purified bentonite clay been  replaced by  modern facility.

In 1986, Mineral based thixotropic agent  awarded by government .

In 1982, MT182,BT 34 ,38,VP,AF series organoclay commercial selling.

In 1981, Organoclay commercial products approved in grease (higher temperature ) using .

In 1970's China Chemcials Bureau requested  to develop bentonite  based thickener for higher temperature grease .

In 1958  Prof. Ling started clay and earth Industrial research , development in Beijing,China.

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