Coatings Industries

  FCC coatings additives help  you meet the challenges typically appearing in paint formulations and offer customized solutions with regard to improved anti-settling ,anti-sagging ;prolonged storage stability ,more significant thixotropy , better rheological control , higher gloss ,excellent application properies and scratch resistance.

FCC’s product portfolio covers a wide range of  Rheological additives and gelling  agents  as well as special additives to replace traditional pigments and fillers, wax and processing additives, and nanotechnology-based additives.

FCC coatings additives provide numerous solutions in many application fields:

•  Architectural Coatings
•  Automotive OEM and Refinish Coatings
•  Industrial Coatings
•  Can and Coil Coatings
•  Wood and Furniture Coatings
•  Powder Coatings
•  Protective and Marine Coatings

•  Artists Paints

•  Emulsion Paints

• Finger Paints

• Silicon resin-based external paints

• Water reducible paints

•Other water based paints

Printing Inks
 Printing inks and overprint varnishes require good  rheological control , excellent viscosity protection and defoaming, and good pigment stabilization. FCC has the right additives for both conventional drying and radiation-curing systems, aqueous or solvent-borne.
Additives for Adhesives

  FCC offers additives for all types of adhesive systems, ranging from aqueous dispersion adhesive products to solvent-borne systems or solvent-free reactive systems, for example polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylates, and silane-terminated polymers. The additive portfolio offered for the field of hot-melt adhesives is growing increasingly as well. 
The silicone-free polymer defoamers are the defoamers that are likely to be the most relevant for adhesives. Thixotropic or pseudoplastic behavior can be adjusted systematically by using the FRGEL rheology additives. The wetting and dispersing agents help disperse fillers and pigments, achieve a higher filling level by reducing viscosity, and prevent sedimentation. The surface additives improve substrate wetting, for example for silicone carrier foils and plastic parts.FCC  wax additives ensure that the hot-melt adhesive granulates remain pourable and do not compact. A large number of  FCC additives also meets the requirements set by different directives on foodstuffs (EU/FDA).

 FCC's product portfolio covers a wide range of wetting and dispersing, rheology and surface additives as well as adhesion promoters, UV absorbers, wax and processing additives and nanotechnology-based additives.

FCC plastics additives are typically used in the following application fields:

  • Nano-composites 
  • PVC 
  • PA
  • PE
  • PP
  • PET
  • PBT
  • ABS
  • Others
Drilling Fluids Additives

 FCC  is the leading manufacturer of Specialty Drilling fluids and Mud Chemicals for Oilfield and Civil Englieering applications. We manufacture a Complete range of Viscosifiers. 

 FCC  has 2 Manufacturing facilities for the Manufacture of Different types of Viscosifiers,Cross linked Polymers such as Xanthum gum and Guar Gum based Polymers and Pregelatinized Starches Cellulose Polymer Based Viscosifiers such as PAC , CMC  and  Another main products series inclduing organophilic clay and bentonite clay which are manufactured as per API 13 A Specifications.

More Additives

 We Also  supply many other additives including :

  • Additives for Personal Care  
  • Additives for Lubricating grease  
  • Products for  Refractory & Ceramics                     
  • Products for Water Treatment                              
  • Products for Soft Drinking                                   
  • Production for Power generation, petro-chemical   
  • Products for Paper                                                
  • Products for Agriculture and animal husbandry   

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