Saponite - ADDEZ® SP

Saponite - ADDEZ® SP

Model No.︰ADDEZ® SP

Brand Name︰ADDEZ® SP

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ ADDEZ® SP is A subgroup of smectite group ( smectite ) is one of the minerals ( another subgroup is montmorillonite), mainly in soapstone, magnesium saponite, hectorite, mainly used in cosmetics, daily chemical industry. The ore is grayish white, the main mineral is soapstone, magnesium saponite, general content of 3% ~ 5%, 15% ~ 25% in local, siliceous limestone along the fracture, joint, bedding distribution. This family of minerals can be used a chemical and textile industries in the adsorbent and filler.

Advantages︰ ADDEZ® SP Soapstone ( saponite, soapstone ) is a silicate mineral, it is soft and can use a knife for cutting, and slippery feel. Soapstone is brittle when dry. Soapstone color variety, can be white, yellow, green, red, blue.Soapstone: from a variety of talc formation, very soft. It is resistant to dense mine, not easy to produce.Soapstone ( components Ca, Na ) 0.33 ( Mg, Fe ) 3 ( Si, Al ) 4O10 ( OH ) 2 4H2O, crystals are monoclinic layered silicate minerals. Genus of smectite ( Smectite ) family. Soapstone to compositions containing two price of Mg2+, Fe2+, Zn2+ and composition containing trivalent Al3+ Based Montmorillonite phase difference. Smectite group minerals is an important feature of structure unit layer filled between the water molecules and exchangeable cation, and the adsorption of organic molecules. Soapstone is usually the soap shape block. White or pale yellow, light green, pink, light blue. Soft plastic, the cutting, a sense of waterloo. When dry and brittle. Cleaves completely. Moss hardness 1, the proportion of 2.24 to 2.30. Produced in serpentinite, also found in basalt and diabase cavity. Smectite group minerals in oil refining and the production of textiles, as impurities in the adsorbent, rubber, cosmetics and soap, paper production as fillers, in drilling mud and used as.